Friday, July 09, 2010

the rhythm of little

Sometimes I feel that everything is good. There's a simple contentment. Looking at these little pieces, lined up and making a larger whole makes me remember something deep inside. A feeling. Of the rhythms, large and small we see in nature. Of the perfection I remember feeling once and awhile, watching my children. Time passes quickly, not slowly.


  1. Even if everything might be not too good sometimes - seeing + feeling + having this wonderful piece of work around certainly has the power of consolation...

  2. to me good and bad are all one thing... this too shall pass... it is all change and this piece is beautiful, the subtle color is delicious...

  3. mmm, a wonderful pojagi effect, and the ripples and texture look so inviting--like running your hands over fields of blue

  4. Anonymous2:11 pm

    This piecing together of fragments of time is so serene. A joy to look at.


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