Monday, May 31, 2010

trip to Guelph and back

We went to Guelph on the weekend to pick up my show at the Greenwood Quiltery. The show took up two rooms and according to everyone there as well as the comments in the guest book, it was well received. Thank you so much for the respect you gave my work, Christine and Joanne. The photo above is of the rolled up textile pieces that we dumped on the sofa last night, but looked so nice in the morning sun this morning. On the way home we drove through Mennonite country near Elora and further North, near Shelburne we stopped to listen to these windmills and were relieved to hear nothing. They are silent. A wind farm is going up next year on Manitoulin and there has been a great deal of controversy about it locally.


  1. I can understand people not wanting to spoil a pristine view with large man-made structures...but for me, the wind turbines have a beauty and majesty all of their own, and are far preferable to coal-powered electricity. Congrats on the show!

  2. We too have people who do not want wind turbines. As an alternative to coal they are great, but produce very little power in the run of things. They are more like a big green symbolic statement.

  3. Kristin Bickell12:05 pm

    One or two may seem to have little impact on a pristine view. The project on Manitoulin is of massive size for the proposed land area. Construction and maintenance roads will be built, power lines installed...many turbines will be erected in woodland areas and will require clear cutting. This project is going to drastically change the face of our island.


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