Friday, May 14, 2010

I heart you

I took this quilt over to the Perivale gallery today along with the two new mixed media pieces and a watercolour. The quilt is 90 inches high and may be too large to display, but Shiela kept it anyway to see if she could place it. Perivale gallery is in a period of flux, as Shiela's daughter, Shannon, has moved to Manitoulin to help her mother and eventually take over the gallery. I feel change in the air. Today is my dad's 87th birthday and since he usually reads my blog, I'll take this opportunity to say Happy Birthday DAD!!! The photo of April and Grampa was taken two weeks ago when we shared an ice cream cake for her birthday.


  1. oooohh beautiful hearts! love the gradation of colors.

    yay! happy birthday to your dad! may his special day (and everyday) be filled with friends and family!

  2. I love the colours in that quilt!

    Did you check out the winners of the NJS on the CQA website?
    They accepted 92 entries and 170 quilts were submitted. The traditional categories, there weren't as many entries again.

    Yes, I got rejected again, I sure am building character=)

  3. I love the photo of your dad and daughter, and the quilt and I hope your dad has a very special day (and you too!)

  4. Anonymous3:33 am

    What a marvellous, superb quilt - I love it, especially the detail shot. Perfection.
    Happy birthday to your dad, too.

  5. Love your quilt, great job!!
    Happy birthday to your dad!!

  6. Very can never have too many hearts.

  7. I heart you back, and these pieces are brilliant ! happy birthday to your Papa!! love the photo of your daughter with him!

  8. This is fabulous, there's so much zing in those colours.
    The detail in the close up image is beautiful.
    Happy birthday to your Dad.

  9. happy late birthday grampa! we look great!! haha.
    xo to you mom, you know i love that one.


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