Tuesday, May 25, 2010

tree drawings

I've been parking my car on country roads and drawing ash trees with pencil into a book of hand made watercolour paper. The water colour paint was put on afterwards, in the studio, from memory.

My dissertation research is a little more focused after this morning's tutorial. I am energized by the idea of researching Finnish and Japanese art textiles and considering their similar aesthetic.

And here is the photo of Ned and his big fish as requested.


  1. Your dissertation topic sounds really interesting visually and otherwise. The painted trees are absolutely lovely...looks like dreamy paper to work with...and wow! that is a big fish!

  2. good luck with the dissertation research. I found the biggest thing was knowing when to stop researching and start writing, there's just far too much interesting stuff when you get going to condense into so few words! enjoy

  3. Wonderful sketches of the Ash trees and what a great catch!!!

    Good luck with your dissertation. I think your topic sounds really interesting too. Hope we get to share in some of your research finds.

    Jacky xox

  4. great topic. and a big fish. the lake looks delicious.

  5. Nice Fish Ned!!!


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