Friday, April 16, 2010

two new panels

Translating the painted designs into full sized 90 inch cloth pieces is a little daunting but a start was made yesterday at the regular Thursday sewing circle. Three different women over the course of the day worked on the blue dotted eyelet stitches pictured left. I've received several donations of lace. How can I use it in a contemporary manner? How can I honour it? A long strip of foundation-pieced table cloth linen is the beginning of yet another panel. There are four panels in the Manitoulin circle project and one is completed, ready to be hand quilted. I'll blog about it tomorrow.


  1. The eyelets look SO beautiful!

  2. Yes, Heather - they do look fantastic. Julia and Heather T continued with what you had started so beautifully yesterday.

  3. Oh I have piles of old lace and I am working on the same dilemma...and the eyelets are wonderful!

  4. Anonymous3:59 am

    So much that is beautiful on your blog! Look forward to seeing what happens to all that lovely lace.
    Thanks for your kind words.

  5. Lots of progress and the eyelets look beautiful (makes me want to try some).


  6. it is so difficult to get a sense of scale from photos sometimes....


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