Tuesday, March 30, 2010

more beautiful than it is possible for me to say

I have kept journals since my 3rd child was born in 1985 – that’s 25 years. They saved family dialog, domestic and world events, dreams, ideas, and notes on what I read.

In the past, I've used journal pages to back fabrics for the english method of paper piecing. The papers were left in and gave those pieces an inner side. (here are three examples 1994, 1999, 2005)

This new piece is the journal from the summer I turned 40. Painted gold, stitched shut.


  1. Beautiful journals and beautiful work -- I'm curious -- what type of paper do you generally like to stitch on in your journals?

  2. oh I have lots of questions...did you make your journal? what kind of paper is it? do you stitch the pages in the book or work the stitches on paper and then put it into the book? : )

  3. There are so many things I love about how you alter your journals...the beauty, hidden words, a record of your family...on and on...beautiful is truly an understatement. I find myself again wishing I could see this one in real life!

  4. i vassilate between speechlessness and a thousand questions.

    i will try sewing with my students in their journals. oh, what an idea--thank you!!!

  5. Wonderful...my journals are rather more haphazard, so they are glimpses, brief moments of what I was thinking or doing, or my kids were doing...and I always wish I was more dedicated. These are beautiful Judy.

  6. Beautiful journals, so interesting, would love to see them one day!!
    Thanks for share them

  7. Thanks for the comments.
    Re: the questions about how?
    I use basic black hard covered journals. I fill up about three - sometimes five - a year.
    They have wonderfully smooth drawing paper - they are made for artists to sketch in. They don't have lines.

    The pictured journal is an 8 1/2 inch by 11 inch black hardcovered book. I removed some pages and used them in another project. The ones that are left attached inthe book are painted with gold acrylic on one side - then stitched into. A second page is painted gold and stitched into - then the two pages are stitched together back to back.
    It's really simple.
    It takes a relly long time to do it though.
    I have put most of the text from the journals that I cut up like this into my laptop - so it is not lost really.
    This re-reading of the old thoughts is also important to my whole process. I have been the same person for a long time.

  8. These pages are wonderful Judy! Thank you for explaining their construction, I had all the same questions, LOL!

  9. Anonymous7:50 am

    a wonderfully inspiring post thank you .. i have so many journals kept over the years and i have been wondering what to "do" with them - now I know - brilliant idea and fabulous work as always. Thank you again.


  10. How do you get the time! This blog is the only 'journal' I have time to write. Yours are so beautiful and they must inform your work so. I'm very jealous.

  11. i love this that you said: I have been the same person for a long time. rings so true for me, too.

  12. I've missed a few of your posts but have really enjoyed coming to them now - the diary pages and indigo work are just fascinating. x

  13. this is lovely work.


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