Saturday, March 27, 2010

art rental

The house is full of art because yesterday I took 8 paintings out of the Art gallery of Sudbury's art rental program. They had been in there for over a year and I wanted to refresh the work. (with two pieces) I had a conversation with Krysta Talenko, the over worked young curator, then went shopping for blouses. Dancing spider plant is being rented at present.


  1. Lovely work does art rental work ??..........Lorna

  2. Art Rental is usually organized by a public gallery.

    People who want to try out art in their houses, can rent it for one year at a monthly rental. The artist gets some of this rental money, the gallery gets some of the rental money.

    I think that the rent can go towards the eventual purchase if desired.

  3. Wow. I don't know why I have never heard of art rental before... it sounds like a good concept.
    This post inspired me to take a closer look at your works on paper- usually it's textile work that draws me- and I love your floral paintings- especially that dancing spider plant.

  4. Beautiful drawing art Judy!!, love the colors so vivid. :)

  5. ooooh - the spider plant really does dance! I love that. I hope the blouse shopping was successful.

  6. mmmmlove the cardinal flowers and the vest. miss you mom.


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