Saturday, February 20, 2010

thread in, thread out


Hours of stitching to create the log cabin piecework. More hours required to take out the stitching in the dyed silk.


oona said...

incredible. that looks amazing.

jude said...

a lot of that blue going on over here too. i am moving my furniture. you have inspired a design wall.

Velma said...

except for the color, that's how my hair looks in the morning. i've always liked the untying of thread better than the untangling of hair.

Judy Martin said...

Jude! So glad to hear that you will be getting a design wall - Magic needs one for sure.
Velma. Ha Ha you made me laugh
Oona - thanks for visiting. I love you.

Jacky said...

So many hours, but it must be so rewarding when all the stitching is done (and undone).
I love the wonky log cabin blocks!


Jeana Marie said...

time well spent - the indigo is amazing, your piecework exquisite - like a window, from a distance. can't wait to see the other's amazing as it is!
I like the design wall idea too.

La Dolce Vita said...

amazing work!

pril said...

mom these look great, so modern. i really like the clean aesthetic of the photos too. love you

Chrissy Johnson said...

I just expelled involuntary "ooohs and ahhhs".