Monday, February 08, 2010

circle project update

We have finished the earth-ark, squares of silk with grids of knots. Completely hand stitched.
Most of the knots are French knots but there are also Manitoulin knots and beads.

Not finished with the 'water' yet, but almost. This sheet of triangles is a mix of machine and hand piecing.
We are couching bamboo yarn in a rainbow arc onto the handkerchief 'heaven' and I am auditioning this gold silk to finish the curved edge. This coming Thursday, the project takes place in my studio above the post office in Little Current instead of the church hall. All welcome, noon to 8 pm.


  1. This is such beautiful work Judy. It gives an air of calm and peace.

  2. your posting always blows me away with the magnificence and the awesome work!

  3. it looks to be an incredible project.

  4. oops- I also meant to ask what is a Manitoulin knot?

  5. Manitoulin knots look like french knots but they are easier to do with thick thread.
    Bring threaded needle up to right side, grab a tiny bit of fabric on the right side next to the needle and pull through, leaving a loop, go through the loop twice with the threaded needle, pull tight to leave a knot on top of the surface, insert needle into fabric next to the knot and go under the fabric to the next one.

    Much easier to show than to write down - and most people found the french knots to be more beautiful and just as easy once we practiced them.

    This community stitching work is very satisfying for all concerned.

  6. Looking amazing. I love all of those Manitoulin/French knots in the squares. Wonderful detail


  7. incredible! thanks for instruction on manitoulin knots, which i had never heard of and which sound like they might more reliably rest on the surface than french knots (sometimes my french knots disappear to my dismay)...

  8. I looks to be a wonderful work,!!

  9. Anonymous1:59 pm

    Manitoulin knots are new to me too. Goodness, that work is so beautiful. How I wish I could be there!

  10. This panel is just one of at least four that I hope to be able to work on with other women over the next two years.
    Each is a large 90 inch square, but it is not the physical size itself that feels so grand. I feel something mysterious, spiritual almost, when I work on them.

  11. thanks for the explanation of Manitoulin knots :)


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