Monday, January 11, 2010

Your fragile life

Perfect your gentle name
Perfect your fragile life
your firm and delicate being

Pablo Neruda's epitaph for Tina Modetti who died at age 45

binding and stitching in preparation for indigo



I'm curious to see them once they've been dyed, but they already look so beautiful at this stage. It must be hard sometimes to take such a drastic and transformative step as dying a piece.

arlee said...

OHHHHHHHH i love the circle as is!!!

Kj said...

Thanks to Arlee (who linked me in) I have had the jewel-like pleasure of seeing this work. I love Shibori in its stitched, gathered, dyed or un-dyed states. All have their beauties and that is why I value photography... it allows us to enjoy all stages of the same work.

Jeana Marie said...

the cloth and poem go together so delicate.

I've also enjoyed reading about Modetti and finding work by her on the web inbetween hanging the washing, bathing the girls, etc...lovely morning, thanks for the link :)

Anonymous said...

oh i want to play at your house......
thanks for sharing. the photo of your work and the poem

Kit said...

beautiful poem, beautiful piece -- I know it is just one step but (as others also have said) I really love it all bound up and stitched. A work of art in itself.

Judy Martin said...

I don't know if it is the potential of what we think/hope might happen with these stitched and bound pieces that is so interesting, or just the fact that they are all wrapped and bound. It's rather psychological in a tensile way.

I found the poem in an old journal from 2001.

Velma said...

neruda's words and your stitches work beautifully.

T said...

This is going to be pretty special.


Dee / Cloth Company said...

the play of words with pix of your work makes for something quite juicy and powerful.

BTW, I found you through Arlee as well.