Thursday, January 07, 2010

Slow Cloth

I have been working on this stitching for over ten years. It started out as a rather traditional applique done in pink and green silk. Then I over dyed it black (along with the pieced background it was then on). I stitched into it rather obsessively with coloured threads in an attempt to make the image more visible against the similarly coloured background.
This summer I cut the urn and it's droopy flowers away from the black background and pinned it to artist canvas. The high contrast image became much more powerful and I am now appliqueing it to cream coloured heavy taffeta. Because I've invested so much time and touch, I feel that my own work is worth revisiting until it is right.
It is my stitching project when Ned and I have our regular TV date.
Here is a link to the new slow cloth group on facebook . It was started this week by Elaine, Jude and Glennis and already has over 250 like minded members.


  1. revisiting is really key. a thought is never lost, just a new context.

  2. I have re-visited this piece so many times, that we no longer have to ask what we like in our coffee.

  3. a wonderful development for this--timelines and the past brought into the present

  4. mom, looking good! keep at it! i miss you so much!

  5. Anonymous2:08 pm

    Just wanted to say hello - I've been lurking for a while... your blog is a very beautiful thing.

  6. There are a few things waiting in the will be good to start looking forward to a revisit. I stitch during TV dates too :)

    {I love that your daughter comments!}


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