Wednesday, January 27, 2010

sky trees water

I remember hand piecing these hexagons to make an image of bent over pine trees against a cloudy pink sky, the view from our bedroom window. It was 1984. I remember entering the quilt into an art exhibit. I washed it before shipping it off, and all the colours ran together to make the dulled colours you see here. I remember crying about that.

Now when I look at it, I see fragility. The fabrics have started to fray and disintegrate just because of time passing, not heavy use.

That's the story.


  1. I love the story. I'm sure I would have cried too...I also love that it is a quilt with a scene from your bedroom window, and the way the stitched and unstiched sections give it a certain depth

  2. what a great story... I love the muted color and worn texture what a gorgeous piece.

  3. as we get older, we appreciate the worn and fading, don't we---all the things i threw out when i was in my salad days that i wish i had now.....sigh, yours i s beautiful

  4. Amazingly wonderful hand stitching obliterating the hexagons

  5. I realized that this piece was only documented with slides (and very few at that) and so thought it was worth photographing digitally while it was still in some kind of shape. I'll put an image of the entire quilt on my one hundred quilts blog soon. Thanks for appreciating the worn texture, it makes me look at it again and like that part of it too.

  6. Anonymous3:35 am

    It's beautiful, exactly as it is. What a treasure.


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