Saturday, January 16, 2010


with no preparation, the appearance of an unusual image reacts in our mind and heart despite all common sense.

the heart of the circle
the soul

beauty that can't be seen unless we look for it
a plain box with a beautiful inside
paper birds in all stages of flight
last night's candles


  1. and circles within and surrounding--i like how the negative space got pulled into circular shapes as well

  2. a very beautiful piece and meaningful text...x

  3. this is very meaningful to me. i'm not sure why but you've definitely hit on something

  4. how do you do that? say things just so...such beautiful work.

  5. I want to make work that is poetic in that it makes my viewer access something deep within herself. Some memory or loss, some 'shock of recognition' I guess.

    I want to make a poetic image. One that wouldn't necessarily rely on words. How does one do that?

  6. I don't know - I want to know -I love words too...

    Your images always strike a chord with me...


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