Friday, January 29, 2010

circular imagery

indigo on linen with stitch resist

women artists who use circular imagery in their work

Eva Hesse
Pamela Fitzsimons
Lenore Tawney
Sue Hammond West
Sue Lawty
Helen Parrott
Ilze Aviks
Donna Sharrett
Marjan Bijlenga
Ase Ljones
Jude Hill

indigo on cotton with tied resist


  1. That's what I think too. They look like moons to me.

  2. Anonymous2:37 pm

    Gorgeous. There's something really magical and beautiful about indigo. The first looks like a moon; the second one looks like the centre of a flower to me.

  3. moons to me as well! Love indigo, and have been so glad to watch what your doing with the dye.

  4. the first one looks like a moon, the second one looks like queen annes lace...and they are so beautiful..

  5. I love the circle images, it's inspired me to do some stitching and indigo. The list of artists was also a very inspiring journey this morning.Thank you.

  6. stunning and otherworldly cloth, it is always such a treat to see what you have posted...and thank you for the list, I'll probably be back and forth to this page for a while now... :)

  7. so fun to see the final blue moon--stitched shibori piece. modest and powerful.


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