Saturday, January 02, 2010

Blue moon, blue fabrics

Washed and dried indigo dyed silk, linen, cotton, hemp, wool and rayon fabrics.

To celebrate the new year's blue moon, April and I tried indigo dyeing.

To dye with indigo is magical, you can see the fabric change from yellow green to blue in front of your eyes We followed Daren Pitts Redman's instructions from the August September 2008 Quilting Arts Magazine. These fabrics are still wet minutes after being pulled from the vat. These ones have been rinsed and dipped in a tea bath after resting over night.


  1. looks like you have caught the indigo fever....

  2. i'm blue with envy :} lots of fodder there for your touch!

  3. what a delicious looking collection of fabrics - time well spent with your daughter too :)

  4. Happy 2010.

    I feel like Arlee, blue with envy. That first picture with all these blues is ............. To gorgeous for words.

  5. wow they look as if I could roll in them!!

  6. The indigo dyeing was really wonderful, the dye studio just off my kitchen smelled like earth and tea.
    The best thing however, is that April is inspired to make a quilt from the fabrics she made.
    Very proud of that.

  7. I hope you'll show us what dry & ironed looks like.

  8. Deb, the photo at the top of the post is of the fabrics washed and dried and folded but not ironed.
    Half of them went to Montreal with April, and half of them are here for me to make something with. Am considering a slow blue log cabin at the moment, but want to do some shibori and more indigo first. Shall consider ironing.

  9. ooh lovely
    i've been trying to brew indigo using a handful of silage nicked from the cows, a shovelful of ash
    and a splash of beer
    slowly coming good, i think


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