Saturday, December 05, 2009

Assessment time again

I don't remember pasting this famous quote by Georgia O'Keefe into my journal. It's copied onto a tattered piece of paper that I had taped to an inside door of my kitchen cupboard for well over fifteen years, now removed.

You get the garden planted
You get the roof fixed
You take the dog to the vet
You spend the day with a friend
You learn to make a new kind of bread
You hunt up photographs for someone who thinks he needs them
You certainly have to do the shopping
But you get through this aggravation so you could get back to painting
Because that is the high spot.

The painting is like the thread that runs trhough all the reasons for all the other things that make one's life.

Georgia O'Keefe

I'm readying a parcel of journals and statements and photo essays and a single completed embroidery for shipping to England. Georgia's advice is going too.


  1. just like our stitches..........

  2. Yes, just painting or stitching - whatever the medium.
    sometimes I call it 'arting'

  3. wow! where did you find this fabulous quote? I really think I need to copy it ... thanks!

  4. I believe I read it in one (or all) of the many biographies about this fabulous artist when I first discovered the passion that she had about her own true work in the early 90's

  5. Judy, what a great quote to have as a continual reminder of your own art making- I enjoy your blog. Textiles are central to my life as well:

  6. What a wonderful quote - sums up what I've been doing in my current module too!


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