Tuesday, November 10, 2009

dot grids

Just about all my newer work has the motif of the dot grid. Yesterday I was asked why am I so attracted to this gentle rhythm? Dots fill a space with pattern, but it's subtle. In grid formation they resemble nets. They look contemporary. They are small individuals that line up to make transparent yet solid shapes. However, sometimes they are just decorative and do not add anything valuable to the work.


  1. I've been working the same dot/grid for a while now. My dots come from discharging hand dyed fabrics. I like the indistinct edges of the dots, the halo effect but I don't feel the need to keep them in the ranks..equidistant spacing seems important but I can't say why. Cutting the pieces up and using them in compositions is difficult.

  2. mom. so beautiful!
    you know how much i love the first piece.
    and im digging that leaf one too.
    it has some cerebral breath in it doesn't it?
    care for a chat ziz week?
    love you......

  3. oh me too. it was the dot where the gridlines meet that started me on that, remember?


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