Monday, October 26, 2009

self assessment

One of the things required for my UK degree is self assessment. There's a form to fill out with questions like
"How well have you responded to the assignments?" and
"What has been the most difficult aspect of the assignments?" and
"Have you developed all aspects of each assignment as fully as you would have liked to? If not describe where your ideas could be developed further." etc etc. In the liturgical module that I sent off in September, the most difficult thing was to stop working. I just wanted to keep drawing circles, or keep making stitch samples, and not go ahead to the next unknown. There wasn't enough time to explore as much as I wanted to. I would have liked to have made more samples of techniques. I would have liked to have learned more techniques. I could spend the rest of my life just working on the ideas that have risen out of this body of work. Over the next year I will be working with the local community on the designs I made this summer. Jim Moodie, editor of the local Manitoulin Expositor, phoned me when I was in Alaska to interview me about this community project. When I arrived home late last night and finally got to read his excellent article I was pleased with it and have reprinted it here.


  1. I experience something similar with my study - I get very into the subject matter (not all of them!), want to stay there and explore, but it is always time to move on to the next thing. It is good for me to hear a more experienced artist like yourself goes through this as well!

  2. this looks very big and important, in a community and personal way. the way textiles are indigenous and utterly pertinent. i am wowed!

  3. i loved reading and feeling the energy in your words and from your experience. enviable process.....

  4. Interesting to read the artical and see what you are doing Judy. It sounds like a really exciting project.

  5. well done Judy. you are very lucky to have the opportunity and support to take your work further.


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