Wednesday, September 09, 2009

damask fabrics

about ritual.
about disturbance.
about patience.
about the fact that we are all different, but connected.
about things that change shape but don't disappear.
about relentlessness.
about sky and weather.
Last week I dreamt that one of my large circle pieced tops was finished and I pinned it to the wall and I stood in front of it and made a presentation about it and it absolutely glowed with the damask fabrics catching the light.

Side note: Modern Materials is showing in Oklahoma and PaMdora shared this link to an article about the show. Why, after forty years, are we still reading about art lovers and quilt clubs being challenged by art quilts?


  1. I agree with you Judy re the 'art' quilt exhibit. Seems Burris is the one who has learnt the most from the exhibit but his comments expose how little he understands this ancient medium.

  2. It is amazing to me how a small painting that can be done in a day can sell for hundreds of dollars and an art quilt that can take months can not be appreciated as art. Love all your photos BTW.

  3. love the link you provided. Hear you are going to join us with a trunk show this year... should be super, as always!

  4. Jackie, I'm also going to start up the art quilting classes again - this time at my studio. Call me.

    We just have to keep making quilts and eventually they will gain the respect they deserve. Thanks for all comments.

  5. Hate to generalize but the answer to your question is one word "Oklahoma".
    Seems like the further you get from either coast, the less likely the viewing public is going to get fiber art and the more likely the quilt police will be patrolling.


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