Sunday, August 09, 2009

studio work

I spent a good amount of time in my studio yesterday, and came home exhilarated. The circle paintings are still coming, but its time to consider how I'll be able to translate them to cloth and stitch. Using the 12" ceiling tiles that cover the walls as a measurement, I pinned a strip of fabric into a 90" square outline and cut out a 60" diameter circle from an old sheet. Doing just that was so exhausting I had to lie down on the floor. The beautiful activity just outside my window revived me.


  1. i was just going to say that if i was pinning things to the ceiling, i'd have to lay on the floor after too :}
    Are the fabrics pinned beside "potentials" for this one or just "prompts"?

  2. They are both. I'll use some of them, others I have pinned for colour. I'm working out ways to work with a lot of white and cream damask.


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