Thursday, August 27, 2009

Sized up

By laying a grid over my 25" square drawings, I was able to size them up onto my studio walls. Four new pieces (each 90" square)are outlined with narrow strips of cloth and stretch around the room. It's wonderful to contemplate what they will eventually look like.

The circle represents sacredness, as it is the most natural shape. The circle represents wholeness, eternity, perfection and timelessness. The circle represents the sphere of heaven.

The square represents earth. The square represents honesty, morality, limitation and enclosure. In sacred architecture it symbolizes knowledge.

A circle in a square brings heaven down to earth.
A circle in a square represents the church.
I want to make it clear that the four large square pieces, while inspired by my coursework for JC school of textiles, are not part of the university degree. They are my own body of work.
I also want to mention that this "design board" way of working is NOT my usual way, but so far I LIKE it. It's an adventure.


  1. mm, new studio space :}
    If you'll forgive the pun, looks like these are shaping up nicely

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  3. I've been following this project closely since you first posted about it.

    I'm keenly interested in how you will be thinking about how (or if) your fabric palette changes when you go from the small, arms length design (wonderful, btw) to the full scale project.

    It's been problematic for me.All the things that work well and speak for themselves at arms length like stitch, weave, hand, texture all seem to go deaf and dumb when I measure in feet instead of inches.

    Working on the design was a revelation to me too. Right now I regret that access to my walls is cut off by heaps of ....stuff.

  4. I am so thrilled with everything so far in regard to the sheer size of these things. Putting them up enlarged like this has made the designs so powerful and wonderful. But yes - I am really concerned about how things might change when they are put into the cloth. I'm going to let them change if necessary. I'm going to listen to what's happening by continuing to work on the wall with the palette of cloth and stitch. Thanks for these responses Deb and Arlee.


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