Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Self talk in August

It's August and local guilds and arts organizations are planning the fall and winter ahead. I've been asked to consider teaching art quilting again yet I'm wondering how many piano students will return after the summer break.
If I teach, I'm afraid that I won't have any creative energy left to do the research I love, never mind my slow labour intensive work. However, I am coming around to it and recently gave myself a lecture.
"Do not say NO to opportunities in your visual pratice.
When people ask you to speak, teach, or exhibit do not say NO.
Take those opportunities to raise your own bar and explore things in more depth while still doing what you love. These poeople are the converted. They WANT to be impressed. Knock their socks off and at the same time, improve your own practice.Go deeper. Get better. Work harder."


  1. oh! great advice!

  2. i'm guilty of NO.

  3. If you do teach quilting anything, I do hope you will mention it on your blog so I can sign up=)

  4. i've had those talks with my self before.


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