Tuesday, August 25, 2009

the high way

Highway 17 across the top of Lake Superior is a magnificent statement about the largeness of Northern Ontario.It took us four days - two to get from Manitoulin to Thunder Bay, and two more to get home again. We didn't drive after dark because of all the hype about moose danger, although we did not see a single animal. Not very many people either.
I drove and Barb entertained. She either had to turn the pages of Art Forum magazine which stimulated our art conversation, or take photos through the windshield, or check the map to see where we were.(We were in God's country.)(all photos by Barbara Sprague)


  1. Yes, it definitely is God's country. Thanks for the photos - I haven't been through there in a couple of years.

  2. Wonderful skies.
    Reminds me a bit of Scotland, but if you you drove for four days here you'd fall off the end!


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