Thursday, July 16, 2009

Manitoulin Art Tour

I spent the entire day in the studio, preparing it for the Manitoulin Art Tour. For the first time other artists will be exhibiting in my space along with me. Heather Thoma's colourful weavings, Andrea Smith's pottery and Christine Williston's masks are set up now, as well as a new wax painting by our daughter April. (pictured)
I've put up my prize winning quilts as well as several new works on paper. I wrote notes about the quilt process and pinned them up beside my quilts and hope that visitors will respond in my guestbook. Here's one of my notes.


  1. Judy,
    I saw your pieces in person at this year's CQA National Juried show in Saskatoon. It was wonderful to see your stitches close up in person.

    And since I read your blog, it was nice to be able to explain a bit about your daily stitching practice to my companions. I think you gained some new "fans".

  2. Thanks Louise.
    My stitches are not that great when you see them close up and in person - but they are all hand done.
    Thanks for being a reader of my blog -


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