Monday, July 27, 2009

Little Current United Church

The module I'm studying this summer for my degree is Liturgical Embroidery and I am thrilled to have found inspiration for a new body of work. A lapsed church goer, I've been welcomed into the Little Current United Church in order to discuss the subject with the minister, Faye Stevens. This simple church was built 125 years ago, with a lovely blue wall behind a large cross at the front of the building, and large empty spaces along the congregational pews. The first shapes I like to use in my work continue to inspire because of all the symbolism they carry. For this body of work, I'll use the circle, the cross and the square. Because of the requirements of the module, I have to go through a commission process and it's required that I make designs ahead of time. (Who would have thought?) Pictured are the two paintings I've done so far. My idea: four 90 inches square wall pieces to fit between the windows that would act as caring, intimate, hand stitched meditation devices.


  1. These pieces will be wonderful! I love the simplicity, from my (limited)experience, not often found in liturgical art!

  2. you have made the dot much more serious.

  3. I have such tremendous respect for you as an artist, Judy, and am excited, as you know, about this work. I look forward not only to the beauty of the pieces, but to the feeling/thinking /learning inherent in experiencing them!

  4. Anonymous6:04 pm

    oohhh grrrl, this sounds very exciting.


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