Saturday, July 18, 2009

Julia Caprara School of Textile Arts

I received an email yesterday from Winy Smit with a link to the new Julia Caprara School of Textile Arts website. This website is only one page so far, but getting it up and running demonstrates the professional commitment of the RE-organization. Fellow student Chistine Spencer's blog gave me some insight into recent grads of the degree program and following her advice, I searched for Susie Vickery and found her website. Christine also raved about Andrea Butler's work and when I googled Andrea Butler, I found a Canadian textile artist who makes remarkable tapestries, but it's not the Andrea that Christine meant.


  1. thanks for the link to the new website. so glad to see it up an running.

    whose work is in the photo on this post?

  2. Hi judy,
    this Andrea Butler is based in Letchworth, Herts, UK. She doesn't seem to have her own website yet.

  3. Maggie, the work is mine. All work on this blog is by moi unless I say otherwise. This particular piece has been in the works for over five years.
    Chrissy, Thanks for the information on the UK Andrea Butler. I hope that I'll be able to see her work sometime - too bad that she doesn't have a website. There are many Judy Martin's in the world, and lots of them have websites - one of them is a famous quilter who writes books and I'm always being confused with her.

  4. I've really enjoyed your blog. I'm also a student with JCS, its a really exciting time as I am now in my last year. I'm planning a community textile art project, i was interested to see you are involved in one.


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