Saturday, July 25, 2009

Clover Field

The scent of all this clover and vetch along the side of my road is just as heavenly as the sight of it. In fact, I think that all of Manitoulin is lusher than usual with wildflowers this year.
Protection Study: Metal
Yesterday, I went to Spring Bay with some work to exchange in the Perivale Gallery. I gave Sheila Trillium Boat, Light of the Moon, Twenty Four Hour Care, The Dim, blue, dark Cloth and Protection Study: Metal. She was pleased I think.
Red Thread: the sweater
I took home four (uncommercial?) pieces. Red Thread: the sweater, The smocked dress, Seed, and On the Edge.


  1. Our wildflowers here in Alberta are going bezonkers too--my walks are stunning!'
    Love that lonely little red sweater--so full of mystery and possibilities

  2. Your photos of wildflowers look so beautiful. I miss open fields, specially when they are full of tiny little flowers. I think I'll go to a charity farm close to us sometime soon to walk on their fields.


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