Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Circle

original perfection
roundness is sacred, it is the most natural shape
self contained
the self
the infinite
time-enclosing space
timelessness - no beginning or end
spacelessness - no above or below
It was my birthday weekend and we spent it at the cottage. April made this beautiful cake to celebrate.


Karen said...

Happy Birthday!!

jude said...

i see you have caught the dot disease.

Fioleta said...

Happy Birthday and the best wishes for the year to come.

Dolores said...

Hope your birthday was an enjoyable occasion. Happy belated.

arlee said...

Belated "Hipy Pappy Bthuda Bthuda" :}

Lesley Turner said...

Happy birthday. Hope the celebrations go on for the whole month. So pleased to see you got cake.