Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Amish sensibility

This week I've been finding ritual and order in my daily life by cleaning and by putting things away, seeking simplictity and sparseness. The house rewards this activity by giving us space to breathe again. No rushing to finish things for deadlines. No distinction between the sacred and the every day. I've also been reading old journals and occasionally come across things that I've forgotten all about. Like this:

"Sunday, Jan 9 2000
April fell through the ice yesterday. Her new thing is to go down to the edge of the ice and try to break off an ice berg to float away on. The water is so shallow, only ankle deep, so I wasn't worried too much, but yesterday was a scare. She was wearing Jay's huge boots because Jen was borrowing hers and they got full of ice water. Now she's soaking her feet in hot water.
"Maybe you'd better stop that activity" I say.
"I'm going to stop it" she said, looking at me very very seriously

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  1. There's something so quiet and calm about this entry. It's really a wonderful spot to alight on for the evening. Thank you.


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