Tuesday, June 02, 2009

heart of stone

in progress

This is the piece I've been working on during the evening.
The striped fabric is whole cloth silk. The center squares are dyed linen, backstitched with silk twist.

She had a heart of stone.

Where the world ends in the east you will find a stone lion,
and inthe west, a gryphon made of stone.
At the northern corner a stone turret will baffle you,
and in the south a gritty beach for your feet.

Do not be afraid.
These are the ancients.
Weathered and wise as they are, respect them,
but they are not the everlasting substance.

The body that contains a spirit is
the one true god.

The above beautiful and thought provoking text is by Jeanette Winterson from her novel, Oranges are Not the Only Fruit.


  1. Really love what you are doing with this piece!

  2. Like the different shades of blue and the way you arranged them. Thanks for showing.

  3. Windows? Grave markers of the loved? Path stones? I'm liking the wondering of this one.

  4. Oh, so beautiful! Judy, you never cease to impress! I'm in awe of your work :)

  5. the wonderful comfort of the grid. like mothers arms.

  6. I am touched by how this piece seems to be communicating an emotion with out me saying anything specific.

    I started the embroidery during the spring my mother was dying. I actually had the work with me at her deathbed while we sat with her.

    Then I put it away for two years, and have returned to it , as Deb says, 'like a mother's arms'.

    Deb, I am going to use that phrase in my next post. Thanks.


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