Wednesday, June 10, 2009

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With the water behind them, watercolour 2004

This painting that I did a few years ago depicts the two girls who are visiting us right now. I'm still trying to get my Julia Caprara School of Textile Art work into the mail for assessment in the UK before the weekend when more kids arrive.

One of the things I had to do was research artists that I admire, and here are a few of those. Unfortunately, most of these artists do NOT have huge web presences.
From England - POLLY BINNS (1950 - )
and MATTHEW HARRIS(1960 -)
From Ireland - ANN FAHY
From Finland - AINO KAJANIEMI(1955 - )

The above artists reflect my own cultural heritage - a mix of English, Irish and Finn.


  1. Love the colors of the watercolor, so wonderful fresh.

    How did you find these artists? I really like the work of Riita-Liisa Haamvisto. How do you across such beautiful work?

  2. Elizabeth
    I subscribe to a lot of textile magazines. Riita Liisa has been profiled in Embroidery magazine from the UK and also in Fiberarts in the US.
    She is teaching a workshop in France this summer - wouldn't it be nice to attend and learn from her. A mentor for us hand stitchers.

  3. and we know that you don't need to be a web star to be creative. right?

  4. Jude
    We don't need to be web stars to be creative.

    It's not necessary to have work published at all to be creative.

    However, all that beautiful creativity has to be documented in order to reach people. Many artists of a certain age just do not have enough work online, which is where so many of us go first.

    I've started a new blog called modernist aesthetic . In it I'm trying to put work that I love that doesn't have a web presence up online. Just to share it. Not my work, but those creative people who are not webstars yet.

  5. Judy, what a beautiful watercolor. You've really captured the feeling of sunlight on the surfaces.

    Thanks for the links to the artists. I've seen Ann's beautiful work before, and I fell in love with Matthew's work when it was profiled in Surface Design Magazine a few years ago, but the others were new to me.

  6. Judy, I love your textile work and your watercolors. There's something about watercolors that's just so beautiful. Though I enjoy working with oil and acrylic paints, as well as pastels, I can never get over the beauty of watercolors.

    P.S. There was a Judith Martin who called me today (she's with Infant Development), and for a split second I was sooooo excited because I thought it may have been YOU! Wrong Judy Martin though :(

  7. Thats a fabulous painting.
    Is the Julia Caprara school still running?


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