Monday, April 06, 2009


There's still a little more stitching to do on this piece but I am taking a break. We're leaving for Europe! Blog writing will be sporadic over the next couple of weeks as I plan to depend on internet cafes. Thanks to all who have made encouraging comments on this piece. Stitching is a domestic technique, under valued and slow. Stitching has a long history of offering women quiet intellectual space to consider.


  1. I love the structure of the handquilting on this piece. It gives it a 'warm feel'.

    Have a great trip!

  2. Such an exquisite piece. I love how you have described the stitching process of women and how it has been "under valued". Most men I think considered it a waste of time or at best a way to keep women busy. I can imagine all the wonderful and intellectual thoughts that floated throughout history in private.

    Have a wonderful time in Europe. It will be fun to see what you post.

  3. Your work is wonderful... please do look me up if your in the cambridge area uk if your coming this way... from hamilton originally but have alot of family up in the north and on the island and espanola/sudbury way.
    hope to see you while your here.

  4. Thanks for these great comments.
    We are in the Netherlands now and spent the afternoon walking around Leiden and visiting the museum there because it was raining. I took lots of photos of the bikes and the building facades.

  5. the close ups of the texture are glorious.


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