Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Waiting for spring

It's April today but still cold and white here on Manitoulin Island. Novelist Robert Goddard calls this time of year "the brittle edge of spring" and because I want to remember that evocative description I have noted it here in my journal.


  1. OH those colours are everything winter and spring combined! Wish it were as beautiful here in Calgary as that painting----until i look at the mountains, all i see is white and brown......

  2. This is REALLY beautiful, yet still does manage to feel fragile. I love it.

  3. moving. things are moving. you certainly can handle this medium well.

  4. Actually, this is a beautiful time to be on Manitoulin as it goes through the melt. Fields flood and the bare branches of the trees are reflected and there seems to be so much promise.
    This house is so lonely and brave and sits on top of a windy ridge looking over the water.


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