Friday, February 20, 2009

I use a hoop

I often get asked when I find the time to do all the stitching. It's discipline really, and also a treat for me. I stitch every evening for two or three hours, and again every morning for one hour. I use a hoop. I love the meditative productivity.

Detail of linen work with stem and kantha stitch. The wool quilt is 90" x 90". The linen piece is 60" x 28". These large pieces eventually get finished over time.


  1. Absolutly wonderful stitchings. I love just sitting and spending time hand stitching it is indeed a very meditative practice. Though it does take much longer to finish a work, it becomes a real part of me in the end.

  2. Beautiful! Absolutely beautiful, Judy!

  3. Your work is incredible. I found your delightful site via the very talented Jude. I am just enchanted by your beautiful stitches. I should try using a hoop more. I have mostly dome embroidery on my small dolls and don't use a hoop. I can imagine that a hoop is very nice to use...
    ~Emily in Norway


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