Monday, February 16, 2009

Family and Art

I've returned from a most wonderful weekend in Toronto during which I spent intensive time with our two youngest daughters. The girls and I went to at least fifteen galleries together and enjoyed the art and the companionship. We were also able to have dinners with a set of old friends and with Jay and Erika.
Which art galleries did we hit?
Textile Museum of Canada
The Power Plant
York Quay Gallery
Edward Day
David Kaye
Stephen Bulger
MOCCA (pictured above)
Art Gallery of Ontario
The impetus for this date with my daughters was the Judy Chicago lecture last Thursday. It was very inspiring. Maura Reily, Jenni Sorkin and Allyson Mitchell were also on the panel. Insights to Judy Chicago's long career plus inspiration for young feminist artists (and dinner conversation) filled that evening.
My absolute favourite gallery was the new Art Gallery of Ontario however. Not only is the building absolutely gorgeous, but all of the artwork has been rehung in revisionist and thought provoking ways. Very excellent.


  1. Oh! How lovely! It's wonderful that you got to spend such quality time with your girls!

    The AGO is also one of my absolute favourite places in Toronto. I used to take my students there all the time. Actually, I was tempted to revisit the AGO when I was in Toronto last...however, the baby being in the NICU was my main priority! Maybe when she's a bit older, I'll take her! :) I hope that one day, like her mama, she will be able to enjoy getting lost in all that wonderfully rich art work!

  2. Thank you for sharing the info on women artists. There is such a void still in finding and accessing info if one is not just pure tenacious and unrelenting about it.


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