Friday, November 14, 2008

personal mature body of work

It has been amazingly gratifying to have received my Opus assessment today for last summer's work with the figure. I realise that my life's work is such a small speck in the large world of women artists. Who do I think I am? Living on this peaceful island in the middle of Canada with my gentle husband, moving my needle in and out of cloth and thinking that I might make a difference? My work has not been published. Other than through this blog and my website, it's hardly even been seen outside of Ontario.

Although the main reason I study with Opus is to help me lift my practice, a secondary one was to have peers that I respect really look at my work and give me feedback about it.

In the assessment, the word 'stunning' was used!


  1. Stunning is the right word, and I hope you continue to enjoy and draw support and sustenance from your Course.Your work is marvellous.

    I am many years behind in terms of my achievements but I am studying with Opus too and travelling in the hope of becoming the best practitioner I can be.

  2. Stunning is one word among a lot more that I would say about your work. Among them "powerful" and "sensitive".

  3. Congratulations Judy. Stunning is indeed well deserved praise. I am amazed by your work that I see on your blog. Lesley


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