Thursday, November 27, 2008

Currently on pause in my creative output

self at age one and a half from a photo 2008

I explain to myself and others why I'm not participating in so many shows, why I'm not teaching art this year, why I'm not even making new art. I've 'gone back to school'. In 2006 I enrolled in the Opus textile school of art based in the UK and am pursuing a second fine arts degree, this time in mixed media textiles. I am really enjoying the workload (which is rigorous) and am being transformed from the inside out. However, I am just not able to create new work of my own, and instead have to have faith in myself that what I eventually make will be better.
Right now I'm in a reading course and have been reading about other women artists. Some of the new ones I've discovered and am inspired by are:
Susan Hiller and her amazing piece "From the Freud museum"
Christine and Irene Hohenbuchler and their work blurring the boundaries of female craft and art that gives voice to those in institutions
Marlene Dumas and
Ida Applebroog who paint
And many others.


  1. Hi Judy, read your blog everyday and i'm happy if you post something, because i do really admire your works. Textiles and watercolors like this. Great job.

  2. I know exactly what you mean when you say you can't produce creative work while studying. I feel I am in the same place. I can't make anything until I have finished the process this BA programme is putting me through. I have exhibition commitments so I work on ideas I had before I started my BA.

  3. I have just started this course too Judy- through the Kemshalls in the UK and although it is early days yet - I know I will love it too.


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