Wednesday, October 08, 2008

No longer exists

I don't know if other artists wreck their own work, but I do. This piece from 2004 no longer exists. Our youngest would quite often tell me "don't cut that up, Mom" as she left for high school, referring to whatever it was I was working on the day before.

Lately I've visited some blogs. These three recently sent readers my way and I want to say thank you. It's great to be connected to so many like minded people.
Art for Housewives
Thread Spider
Spirit Cloth
I found these two by following some of their other links.
Screaming LuLu
dog daisy chains


  1. Oh thank you! I found you when I was noseying about on technorati!

  2. hey, thank you for the thank you!

  3. sorry, i used my son's account by accident...jude

  4. Many thanks for the visit...and I adore the Willaim Morris quote!


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