Friday, October 31, 2008

BOO! and one advantage of an empty nest

Last night as I got into my car in Little Current I noticed a crowd of teens, one with a kitten hat on, another with blackened eyes. I knew what they were doing - waiting for the bus that would take them over to the highschool Hallowe'en dance.
I said to myself - thank goodness, I don't have to worry about any of THAT anymore.

It's rare when I put up artwork by anyone else but today's image is a piece by Freddie Robbins, a knitter from the UK that I was introduced to today by my Opus tutor, Davida MacDonald. Davida also suggested that I look at hyperbolic crochet, the exhibition that started in Australia and is touring the world. I like that this co-operative exhibition is concerned as much with ecology as it is with women's traditional textile work being taken seriously in the fine art world.

Waiting for a photo from Oona of her Halloween costume project for the two and a half year old sweetie.

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