Saturday, June 07, 2008

My cup is full of positive female energy

The trip home from London gave me time to think about the women I got to know so well over the past week.
Janice remembers visiting her grandparents' garden rooms
Ann was Mary Pratt's room mate
Kristin loves Lorraine Roy's work
Gay flew in an empty cargo plane to Iqaluit
Ruth Ann admires the work of Joyce Wieland
Roberta lived in North Bay for a while
Judy has travelled a LOT
Penny chose her mother as her favourite artist
Eleanor helped her mother keep the family farm going
Alma was the first born Canadian in her Dutch immigrant family
Pat remembers the air raids during the war
Stephanie designs her own hooked rugs
Dallas lives her life as if it were art
Eileen remembers her mother's monthly quilting bees
Libby loves Emily Carr's work
Patti learned to knit from her grandmother
Marisa grew up in Venezuela and Barbados
Megan received a scholarship to attend, age 19
Susan has relations on Manitoulin, loves the work of Mary Pratt


  1. I would like it known yesterday I was to receive a gym assessment from a physio from arthritis society. A couple of weeks ago I had talked a member of the staff at the Palasad goodlife at the corner of Adelaide and Oxford Street and let them know what had been arranged. The staff at that time said we do that all the time. Yesterday when I talked to one of the girls at the front desk she had to check with one of the managers there to my surprise they refused my request. The physio involved explained in the 10 years of doing this she has never run into this problem. I cancelled my membership with Goodlife, I have been a member there since 2000. When I called register my concerns, they verifed that that this is their corporate policy not to allow anybody other than their own trainers into the gym. I am quite disappointed with their corporate policy,

  2. Dear Judy,
    as you can see the previous is a copy and paste that I made a mistake, sorry, my intention was to tell you how much I enjoyed the week and how enriching that the week was. In the beginning I felt like a fish out of water. It was so nice to get to know something about all of the women there. It is so amazing how we can be acquainted with people yet really don't know much about eachother.
    It is interesting how inspiring everyday life can be.
    Judy, you are truly amazing and thankyou so much for allowing us to get to know you and your many talents.

  3. Kristin
    Thanks for your comments, both of them. It is very disappointing that Goodlife won't let artritis society trainers use their gym equipment. I am very concerned for you and wish you all the best. As I said to you in the class. You have such a wonderful gift of being able to see and understand the complexities of life and art. Take good care and keep in touch.


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