Friday, May 09, 2008

Watercolour on Cotton

In 2000, the Island Quilt Guild took on the millennium project of making a wildflower quilt to showcase the wide variety of wildflowers grown on this island. All of the applique patterns were derived from original drawings made by guild members. I remember that Joe Price was one of the guild members who made many of the drawings and that she helped me lead drawing sessions for those who were interested. This is one of my drawings for that quilt and I've since rendered it in watercolour on gessoed cotton. This morning I added stem stitch. This smoke flower painting is a new work and will be shown at the Perivale gallery this season.


  1. That is so delicate and ethereal ... it takes me breath away.

  2. It's just a flower, but i just keep looking at it. So very beautiful to see. I love the color washes. The stitching works.


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