Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Squarely in the Centre Of Visual Culture: American Pieced Quilts of the 19th Century

Pieced quilts made in America during the last half of the 19th century exhibit an unusually distilled and bold sense of graphic design. The women who made those powerful quilts lived during a time of social upheaval. They were repressed by Victorian ideals, widowed by the civil war, startled by Darwin’s discoveries, inspired by transcendentalist thinking, and bombarded with a mixed bag of criticism and encouragement from women activists. They also had access to a wide variety of domestically produced cloth and many opportunities to publicly exhibit their art form in well-attended fairs. Here were artists who used the quilt medium to express personal creativity and spiritual ideas to make quilts so powerful, beautiful and strong that they stand as icons of inspiration for quilt artists and painters to this day. Log Cabin, Barn Raising, Wool, velvet pressed. Pennsylvania Mennonite 82" x 83" 1880 - 1890

Log Cabin, Something More Magical Than It ever Was, recycled family clothing and silk, photos and paintings transferred to cloth, 90" x 90", made by moi in 1991.

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