Thursday, April 24, 2008

Amor fait

Love of fate

In the traditional quilt patterns, dark and light are used in symbolic contrast. Dark is as necessary to life as light. Seeds need darkness to germinate, as much as they need light. Our society is presently in a period of darkness. Light will come.


  1. What a beautiful post, Judy! So true!

    I don't know if you'd be interested, but a friend of mine has asked me to pass this onto any artists that I know:

    Hello All~
    Can anyone help us? Our charity, Room to Grow Foundation, wants to do some fundraising. I want to do it at home, in Canada (Toronto area - yay!). I'd like to have an art exhibition, but I'm lacking in one major thing :


    Basically, I'm looking for artists of any kind who is willing to paint, draw, etch -what have you- one of the many lovely photos we have of refugee children, orphans, refugee camp life, and so on. Then the charitable artist will donate their masterpiece to us and we would sell it at the exhibition an/or through our website.

    I'm hoping to have the work done by October, which is about 6 months from now.

    If you have any artist friends - professional, emerging, talented, amateur, hobbyist, part-timer, or prodigy - please please send the attached flyer / announcement to them. I'd love to talk to them if they are willing to help in any way. All terms are negotiable.

    And don't worry if your friend doesn't live in Toronto, or Ontario, or even Canada. If they are willing to do this, we can find a way. There's always a way.

    Thanks everyone~

    Room to Grow Foundation

  2. Profound. Hearts have always spoken to me, and this layout with statement is excellent!


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