Monday, March 24, 2008

great lakes town hall

I've been invited to be a guest writer on the great lakes town hall all this week. I will be making completely different postings each day than what I'm putting into Judy's Journal, so please click on the link provided, which takes you to one of my photo essays. It's quite an interesting web site all round. At first I felt anxious about what I could possibly say because of the scientific nature of the biodiversity project that this forum is connected to. I am not able to write intelligently about such...any one of my children would be more able. I've decided to put up my artwork. For example, these two separate photo works are from when we first moved to Manitoulin fifteen years ago and found ourselves affected by our view of the big sky and changing water every day. Greek philosophers have taught that everything is water, and water is the basic element in all life.
To know water intimately is to know something about ourselves and to appreciate its pesence as a means for increasing the life of the soul. Thomas Moore

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