Sunday, February 24, 2008

Procion MX dye

I plan to dye fabric every day for the next month. There's always something more to learn more about dyeing and often the best way to learn is to just DO it. The best recipe book I've found for low water imersion dyeing with procion MX is Color by Accident by Ann Johnston. I feel really comfortable working with the MX dyes and although I am starting with them I also want to poke around with synthetic indigo, acid dyes and perhaps some natural dyes over the spring.


  1. I have that book also, and have read parts of it several times. I hope that you will post the results and your satisfaction with the book's instructions!

  2. OK - you've hit my GO button. When I get home from the office today I will first get a bucket of soda ash soak, through in the fabrics I have ready to go and then mix up some colors. I can't wait until April!


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