Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Bayeux Tapestry

William came from Normandy on the eve of Michaelmas, and as soon as his men were able they constructed a fortification at the market of Hastings. This was told to King Harold and he then collected a large army and met William at the old apple tree, and William came on him unexpectedly before his army was drawn up. Nevertheless, the king fought very hard with him together with the men who would stand by him, and there were many slain on either side. King Harold was killed there, and Earl Leofwine his brother, and Earl Gyrth, his other brother, and many good men. The Frenchmen now had possession of the field, as God granted to them for the people's sins.
From the Anglo Saxon Chronicle 1066
detail: the hands of Edward the Confessor and Harold.

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