Friday, January 04, 2008

Personal history

I have been organizing my slides. It is astonishing that I have been working away at 'being an artist' for so long. Sorting them by year is revealing as it puts the work in context - the paintings with the quilts alongside the children growing up. The painting and quilt pictured here are very early works and were made within one year of each other. I remember taking my stretched watercolour paper up to the back field where this old wreck provided a play house for my oldest daughter and her friends.

The quilt is entitled Sleeping Giant and was made in 1982. It was my first art quilt, and I was excited to discover the possibility of expressing an original idea by using the geometric shapes of traditional patchwork. There is a human-like rock formation that reaches out into Lake Superior near the city of Thunder Bay that has been named The Sleeping Giant. I made this piece just before we moved from Thunder Bay to Kenora.

Mixed in with the artwork were occasional slides of the family and I've chosen to share this one to mark our youngest daughter's visit home. She's with us for one more day before she returns to university. She was only about 18 months in this photo - not even born when this art work was made.
photo by Ned

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