Thursday, January 17, 2008

Mid 19th Century North American time line

Early feminist, Elizabeth Cady Stanton criticizes sewing: "As a paid occupation it is unhealthy, as an amusement it is contemptible"

"Roughing it in the Bush" by Susanna Moodie is published.

The American Civil war creates many widows.

A cult of "true womanhood" pervades.

Godey's Lady's Book provides monthly advice and patterns to women.

Piet Mondrian is born. His theory: "The appearance of natural form changes, but reality remains constant" is important in the development of modern American art.

Amish women are seen at a railway station and their colour saturated woolen clothing is described by Phoebe Gibbon in her journal.

William Morris' Aesthetics Movement arrives from England.

Women save their treasured silk party and wedding dresses in order to sew the fabrics into quilts.

Cezanne exhibits in Paris. His belief that all nature can be reduced to a cylinder, sphere or cone is influential.

Young women

12 quilt tops during their adolescence. These are quilted during neighbourhood parties called quilting bees.

A 13th quilt is made when she becomes engaged and is quilted carefully by herself and her mother.

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