Thursday, November 01, 2007

that was then

I came across this old journal entry today.

October 19, 2000
If I want to find my true voice as an artist, not only do I have to stop teaching art, I have to stop selling it. I have to not worry about the Perivale, or any other commercial space.

I have been reading Georgia O'Keefe's autobiography. Over and over she says - "My paintings are my own way of communicating." "I can say things with colour and shape that I can't say in any other way - things that I have no words for."

So if I can manage it, I would like to take a sabbatical from these four things.

1. teaching quilting skills
2. teaching painting skills
3. community quilt and art club work
4. selling paintings.

I found this old journal entry to be interesting because I did stop teaching quilting and painting for five years. I've also stepped away from executive memberships in the local quilt and art clubs. There's no doubt in my mind that this self-imposed sabbatical has had a positive effect on my work.

However, Sheila McMullan, the owner of the Perivale gallery, constantly encouraged work that often proved to be non commercial and I continued to exhibit with her.

I've recently returned to teaching my art (watercolour painting and art quilting)as well as twenty four private piano lessons each week. There's just not enough time. I'd really like to change my painting style and do something more like what Sylvia Edwards does. Shall see what comes.

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  1. Anonymous1:17 am

    I chuckled out loud when I saw this post and you proclaiming that you wished to paint more like someone else... We are all guilty of that aren't we? Freely and publicly admiring the talents of others, yet not admiring our own talents enough if at all... not even late at night, when we are alone and no one can hear us as we proclaim, damn this is perfect!

    I personally have quite an ego, and yet I can find something wrong with everything I create. Maybe the secret is, we all need to learn to be a card carrying member of our own fan club... to see past the flaws that only we see. Maybe we need to learn to appreciate our own artistic voices as they spill into fabric or paint or clay and somehow flow into solid art, exposing our inner most secrets to the world... instead of yearning to learn to create art in the inner voice of someone else.

    For what it's worth your art, and the secrets it turned into art made me want to learn more about you so I made the jump to your blog.... not even sure how I got to your web site in the first place, maybe your voice and your art simply wanted me to remind you to be a card carrying member of your own fan club... your art is wonderful, and your voice fits you perfectly. Namaste


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