Thursday, November 22, 2007

Opus Assessment

Pictured is an amulet made from recycled material. It fits secretly into one's hand while in a coat pocket. It's part of the "cultural stitch" work I sent to England earlier this fall. Today I received email assessments.

This from my tutor, Joan Richardson: " Judy, the diversity of your research has produced many areas for potential further study; not all can be explored within this module but will be a valuable resource for future work. You have devoted time and thought to acquire any new information necessary to move the research on creatively. Move on with confidence, many steps have been taken on your personal creative journey – be brave and enjoy the next stage!"

And from the team of assessors: "The team encourage you to widen your research base and be more experimental with materials. Challenge yourself and take real risks Judy. Now is the time to be brave and reflective."

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